A dream of becoming

A dream of becoming twenty four eyes

Four parallel brains and three hundred and sixty degree vision, super 8 and 16 mm film transferred to HD. 2013.

‘A dream of becoming 24 eyes, 360° vision and 4 parallel brains’ comments on abstract thoughts which relate to consciousness, transgender experience, movement and space perception. The film is a compilation of fragments and citations of her personal archive: it comprises moments and experiences that float on a mirage of time. The immersion into the ‘innerscape’ (Seelenlandschaft) is guided by the fragile, glassy, curt yet delicate narrative voice, that crosses in a chiasmatic fashion anecdotic life-events. Moving images selected from everyday life subtly face a profane form of confession: Autobiographical elements that are to be heard through the narrative voice, set up a rich constellation of socially significant phenomena that issue: religion, education, intimacy, repetition (on the oscillatory movement related to praying and naming God) and yet, the subversion of all the aforementioned. The subverted topics denoted array from rebellion on dogma, to fear and homophobia, castration, desire and a theatrical ghost ball. The moving image is beautiful, yet the imitation of life presented in these films is sublime.

Fernando Andrés Barrera, 2014.